Bowen Technique
Allergy Therapy
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Changes in the western diet over recent years have contributed enormously to the prevalence of allergic diseases.

100 years ago there were 150 chemicals in use, now there are 60,000.

50 years ago food didn’t contain the Hormones, Antibiotics and Additives it does today.

50 years ago we didn’t have such demanding lifestyles.

Allergies could be responsible for:-

Headaches/Migraine                                         Fatigue/ Poor concentration

Depression/ Anxiety                                         Hyperactivity (in children)

Recurrent mouth Ulcers                                    Diarrhoea/ Constipation

Bloating                                                               Aches and pains

Water retention                                                  Skin complaints (rashes/eczema)

Nasal congestion (Rhinitis/Sinusitis)             Asthma

PMT/ Thrush/ cystitis                                       Eating binges/ Food cravings

I.B.S./Digestive disorders                                 Candida Albicans

A non-invasive approach called Applied Kinesiology is used. It involves a sequence of muscle resistance tests using your arm or leg.

It is a completely safe procedure, totally painless and can be used to test anyone from babies and children to the elderly.

The method of testing is 80-90% accurate.

It is a simple method of identifying and treating symptoms or illness resulting from food, chemical, and environmental intolerance.

This usually takes approximately one and a half to two hours. A full case history will be taken including present diet and life style, relevant medical history and current problems in order to build up a complete picture.

 You will then lie fully clothed on a couch and testing will be carried out using a wide selection of homeopathic essences of food, drinks, and other irritants (e.g. household dust mite, VDU emissions etc)
                                                                                                                                                                          After testing…….

 Once any allergies are confirmed a personal eating plan will be devised. This will invariably involve the taking of supplements to complement your treatment.

A further consultation will be required in two to three week’s time to monitor your progress and to test for further intolerances. This is usually then followed by a further appointment in four to six weeks time again to monitor the continuing progress. The overall aim is to re-introduce a normal balanced diet and lifestyle, thereby helping you to reach optimum health.

 I have trained with a highly reputable and experienced allergy and nutritional therapist and have personally learned the benefits of taking control of my own health through food. I regularly attend courses and lectures to continue to build up my knowledge.